Bridal Bouquet Holders, Inc.
The Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet Holder was invented from years of brides asking me for something else, something beautiful as the foundation for their bridal bouquet.  The Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet Holder is handmade in Sterling Silver and features detachable jewelry charms for the bride to carry on wedding day and wear as jewelry long after.  Choose the charms you carry on wedding day to tell your personal love story or from your favorite designer, the choices here are endless.

As you know, when it comes to the flowers the bride carries on her wedding day, there is little a floral designer can offer besides a ribbon tied bouquet.  I worked as a floral designer in my own shop for many years and no matter how we tried to embellish it, the bride still carried a handful of stems, wire, and pins.  And don't even mention plastic to a bride!  Most of the time the ribbon tied bouquet is uncomfortable to carry and more often than not just down right obscene looking from certain angles. 

The design of the Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet Holder is unique , it was issued a US Patent in 2005. 
I spent the next five years developing design and prototypes and sourcing a manufacturer.  The Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet Holder is handmade by a  renowned silversmith right here in New York City, something that I am very proud of .   Our first year of marketing was 2010 and introducing a never before seen product to the market is a monumental task that I immensely enjoy. 

In 2011 I continue to work on marketing and introducing the Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet  Holder to both brides and designers influential in the bridal industry and this effort would not be complete without you.

So I invite you to take a look at the Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet Holder the luxury option for your wedding day bridal bouquet. 

Lisa Ghiotti